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Tired of that overrated & flavorless chain coffee? Us too.  At Cosmic Coffee, coffee is more than a habit, it's a lifestyle. That's why we source only the finest organic & ethical coffee beans, roasted to perfection by Joshua Tree Coffee Company. Our compostable, sustainable packaging ensures that our coffee is not only great for you, but great for the planet too. CC was founded in 2022 by coffee expert, dog mom and wild Aquarius, Talon Majors. Talon has traveled the world sampling coffee and was blown away to find the best beans in California. We also offer a range of organic, locally sourced products by master pastry chef Angelena Palombo, to satisfy your sweet or savory cravings. Where else can you grab an exceptional cup of coffee paired with a delicious creation by a passionate chef who has worked for many high-end clients as well as competed on a major TV show? Here. So head over. We can't wait to meet you!


*We support growth! A portion of all proceeds goes to helping people experiencing hard times & addiction recovery*

Pour Overs & Cold Brew:

We Do It Up...

Our pour-over coffee is a true labor of love. Each cup is brewed by hand, using a slow and precise brewing method that brings out the full flavor of the beans. If you're in the mood for something cold and super-strong, our cold brew has been carefully steeped for 20 hours and is packed with flavor. If you're looking for a classic coffee shop favorite, let us impress you with our range of specialty drinks, including lattes, cappuccinos, and more.

Why EthicalCoffee Matters:

Our Commitment.

At Cosmic Coffee, we take our commitment to ethical coffee seriously. We believe that coffee should be a force for good in the world, and that starts with sourcing only the finest beans from farmers who share our values.  All of our products are fair trade and Joshua Tree beans are roasted in small batches and packed with flavor. Talon was distraught watching coffee chains package their subpar products in plastic and other materials that are not only detrimental to the environment, but contain micro-plastics and chemicals that are harmful to you and your children. We searched high and low for the best compostable and recyclable packaging that is safe for you, your family and the environment.  By choosing Cosmic Coffee, you can feel good knowing that you're not only getting a great cup of coffee, but also supporting a more sustainable and equitable coffee industry.

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